Adieu Melbourne

turtle (Medium)

I’m going on exchange! It’s all very sudden and exciting, although the process took about a year. I was transferred from faculty to faculty, so I wasn’t sure until about last week that indeed I will bid Melbourne and this blog adieu for about 6 months!

I think it’s time for a bit of change in my life, and I thank God for this opportunity to discover and reevaluate life.


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Don’t ask me

Don’t ask me


I have Asian parents, and like many Asian parents, or parents in general, they get very concerned about my future very often. They do it out of love, it’s true, but still, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t ask me too many questions.

Questions like:

So are you planning on finishing this degree?

When are you finishing this degree?

What’s happening next year?

What do you want your career to be?


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Lucy Lawless and the ugly duckling

Lucy Lawless and the ugly duckling

uglyduckling (Large)

So, Lucy Lawless held my right wrist a few hours ago.

I think my brain just burst.

And of course, I couldn’t think of anything better to tell her than the truth when I gave her a pencil portrait of her posing.

That is wasn’t me who took a picture with her yesterday.

That I only saw that pose of her because of someone’s Instagram.

That I drew it on the train.

Then speechlessness and awe ensued.


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